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edge of my seat

About two months ago now I discovered that my kindle was gone. I had just bought a book. I looked everywhere and finally decided that I must have left it on the tube. I have an odd collection of books that includes The Anglo Saxon Chronicle, Simple Italian Cookery, Celestial Navigation, a couple of F W Boreham books (my favourite christian author) and all of L M Montgomery’s Anne books. Altogether there are 79 items, most of which were free as they are now out of copyright. Anyway, what would a passing commuter, who picked up my kindle make of this selection, I wondered.

Well all that wondering – that was a waste of time. My daughter marched into the house the other day brandishing my kindle. It was in the glove compartment of the car. I had been inches away from it for weeks without a clue that we were so close. But anyway the lost was found and I was happy. All mothers who take their children here and there and have to sit and wait for them need a kindle. You can flit from one book to another. You don’t need to decide which book to take with you as you dash out of the door. I do believe that I would have enjoyed childbirth a lot more if only I had had a kindle with me.

So, this past week I have been lost in a book. ‘The Shuttle’ . Written by Frances Hodgson Burnett it was published in 1907.I enjoyed it so much I may have to purchase a ‘real’copy. It had me on the edge of my seat, desperate to know what was going to happen. Books don’t always do that and nor should they. But this book was a terrific read. Towards the end I just couldn’t stop reading until I knew how things would turn out. It is not the sort of book to read on the train if at some point you need to get off.

I loved the use of descriptive language too. Here is just a taster,

‘there is nothing like it – that slow weeping of the rain on an English autumn day,

And it’s true, there really isn’t.


If you would like to read more about the book or buy use the link to go to good place to buy books – and yes, I do buy the real thing too.



Wing wonder

IMG_6533 IMG_6534 IMG_6535

I spent the morning doing my gardening job in atrociously hot weather. It’s going to be hotter here than in Barbados by the end of the week, so I wanted to get some weeding done today. While attacking the weeds I found this beautiful wing twinkling in the sunlight. The fine detail of it is beautiful, don’t you think?

Our teenager daughter came home with an award today in the form of a free cinema ticket. Very welcome. She had found going up in assembly to receive it highly embarrassing!

So no more World Cup. Our other teenager actually said at one point that he had to watch as much as possible as he would be 18 when the tournament happened again and – and this was the best bit –  life was passing him by. Much laughter followed that remark, especially as the grandparents were in the room at the time.


Saturday morning

IMG_6529 .

Fratelli’s coffee shop is a very pleasant place to be on a Saturday morning while our teenagers do gymnastics and table tennis. I ordered a latte with just one shot of coffee and it was so milky and smooth – but yesterday in a different coffee shop I had to return a latte because it was so bitter as to be undrinkable. And I am not that fussy really. Honest.

We had Sports Award night at school this week. Our son won Badminton Player of the Year. Yippee! The guest speaker was Julie Creffield who has a blog on wordpress. The evening sped by because there was a football match on at 9pm. I haven’t really been interested in the world cup but that was a match worth watching. One goal after another.




don’t blink

IMG_6475 IMG_6476 IMG_6477 IMG_6478 IMG_6479 IMG_6480

Le Tour de France passed through our neck of the woods today. One second they were there and then they were gone. How they manage to cycle so fast for so long is beyond me. But great to have them so close to home. If you read this blog then you’ll know that I often post pictures of my morning walk. Well this crowd are standing just a few feet away from that patch of Epping Forest and the local cricket pitch that I often take photos of. Today it was a little more crowded than usual!





wedding day

Well yesterday we went to a wedding. I am not good at getting to weddings. I see the time on the invtiation and I aim for that exact time. This is a mistake. My husband and I have been late to several weddings by doing this. Yesterday we had five minutes to go and we were in a queue of traffic and knew we wouldn’t be able to park easily.. but i rush ahead. The first wedding we were late for the bride was early. So there we were standing a few feet behind her waiting to go in to the church. We quietly crept in at a safe distance behind and silently shuffled in to a pew at the back. The next wedding we were late for was a church blessing – here in the UK you can get the legal stuff done at a registry office and then go to a church for a service. This is significant because you can’t lock the doors on a church wedding (so that anyone with a legal impediment can arrive). But you can go ahead and lock the doors at a wedding blessing. And they did. So there we were – all dressed up and locked out. Someone took pity on us and let us in just in time to sing the last hymn. Then we were late for another wedding – traffic like you wouldn’t believe but at least on that occasion we weren’t the only ones.

Anyway yesterday we got to the church with a minute to spare. We dashed in. No seats. No space. I went and found a chair in another room and we split up – two family members one side and two family members the other.

We waited and we waited. While we sat I felt something sticky on my shoe. I looked. There were black bits of rubber by my feet. And my shoes were sticking to the carpet. What was going on? My shoes were melting. Disintegrating. Falling apart. Good thing I was on the back row tucked away out of sight. I was soleless.

The bride arrived half an hour late. She looked beautiful. It was a very happy wedding.

My shoes died. I walked by to the car with as much dignity as I could muster. The squidgy bits of sole on my shoes picked up stones galore. More shoe fell off – I left these bits as though they were nothing to do with me!

Going to another wedding in a fortnight. Must leave home early! But before then it’s ‘Time to go shopping’!






IMG_6424 IMG_6423 IMG_6422 IMG_6417 IMG_6425 IMG_6421 IMG_6428 IMG_6412

Hollyhocks are such lovely flowers – at least I think so. Real cottage garden loveliness.

I am spending quite a bit of time on my crochet ripple blanket. Randomly picking colours. It is a very easy pattern once you get the initial chain counted. A bit addictive.

Wimbledon isn’t filling my days as much as I would like. One day I will find the time to plonk down in front of the TV every afternoon for two weeks but for now I catch up where I can. Who’d have thought that stroppy teenager John McEnroe would turn in to the most fascinating and informative tennis commentator ever?


Right place to find a banana?


In this sheltered garden in Spitalfields the banana plant is happy. Well, happy enough to grow leaves but maybe not ecstatic enough to produce any fruit! I wandered past this months ago with my friend who is from the Philippines. She was really surprised to see this growing in central London – it’s a familiar plant back in her home country. Only there of course the plants produce delicious fruit. It makes me think of that phrase ‘bloom where you are planted’ which to my mind is a little bit of nonsense. Plants only bloom when they are planted in the right place. In my humble opinion the same can be said of people.


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