t is for thyme


To tell the truth the title of the post is really just an excuse to post pictures of the garden. There is also a couple of pots of thyme. All the photos were taken this afternoon.

SAM_0418 SAM_0419 SAM_0420 SAM_0421 SAM_0422 SAM_0423SAM_0428 SAM_0431 SAM_0432 SAM_0433 SAM_0434 SAM_0435 SAM_0436 SAM_0437 SAM_0438 SAM_0439 SAM_0440 SAM_0441 SAM_0442 SAM_0443 SAM_0444 SAM_0445 SAM_0446 SAM_0447 SAM_0448 SAM_0449 SAM_0450 SAM_0451 SAM_0453 SAM_0454 SAM_0455 SAM_0456 SAM_0457The herbs live in pots just outside the back door. I love softly squeezing the leaves to release the scent. Herbs have so much scent.

Our horse chestnut trees were grown from conkers that we collected. I think they must be almost five years old now and i should think about putting them in bigger pots. I won’t try that till autumn when they go back to sleep again.

Did you spot the small dead looking tree? A new purchase that is doing nothing at all. I have the receipt somewhere so may take it back but what a hassle!

We seem to have our own pint sized orchard at the bottom of the garden – my favourite photos are all of that little patch.

Friday tomorrow! I have had a rather trying week – our neighbours builders (who were meant to be finished two weeks ago – and I’m being conservative with that) have been doing all the usual buildery stuff plus loud music. I can’t wait till they are gone. I am only noting it here so that in a years time i can take a look at this and think – hey remember that! it’s all been over for ages. But right now it feels as though it will never finish.



s is for shaun the sheep


You may remember that last year i posted about the Book Bench Trail that we went on with a friend.You download a map and off you go wandering round London looking for benches all decorated with a book theme. The benches were auctioned off i think to raise money for charity. This year there is someone else to find in london and Bristol too.

Shaun in the city is here.

We have seen two already but purely by accident! The sheep are in London till 28 May – a shame they won’t be here for the summer holidays.

DSCN09012015-04-08 12.34.47

These two are at Canary Wharf.

q is for quote

A character in a book that I’m reading is often finding comfort in remembering poetry that he learnt at school. So while I was wondering what on earth to write about for ‘q’ I thought ‘how about some quotes that I memorized while at school?’

Shall we make it a quiz?

here are three quotes – from memory – so perhaps a little mis quoting going on. All well known books/authors.

1.’I wandered lonely as a cloud’

2.’ her voice is full of money’

3.’no one blamed Tess as she blamed herself’

The last one has a huge clue. Any ideas? I’m sure you know.

p is for pie


This is the post i meant to have all ready for the ‘l is for…’ day. I was inspired by this post all about key lime. So the pie in question is Lemon Meringue Pie.

I rarely make this as my husband – who does his fair share of eating in our home – doesn’t like lemon. Or coffee. Strange but true! In the interests of blogging from a-z I have made a lemon meringue pie that I now have to eat. In fact i am eating some right now! This is Mary Berry’s recipe but without the pastry – I much prefer a biscuit base. I sometimes make the lemon filling use a packet mix but this recipe is loads more lemony and so the contrast between the zesty filling and the sweet meringue is spot on. Yum.

Here’s the recipe for Mary berry’s LMP

It made a bit more than i needed so I made three mini puddings too! No pastry or biscuit base, just lemon topped with merignue.

SAM_0307 SAM_0308 SAM_0313SAM_0310

o is for orange


Ina Garten’s Orange Pound Cake is delicious. It’s a doddle to make – next time i may halve the quantities and then it’ll be a half pound cake. It’s unusual for british cake recipes to add buttermilk or soured cream but not so in US cake recipes i think? Anyway the addition of buttermilk or soured cream produces a moist but light cake. Well worth making sure you have one or the other in the fridge.

The recipe is here.



n is for natural history museum, kensington

2015-04-15 12.55.09

Yesterday we had a family day out to this museum. It was busy but not as crowded as it gets on Saturdays. We did the usual things (usual for us) – dinosaurs first, mammals and the earth exhibit – which is an escalator that takes you through the centre of the earth. Sadly the escalator wasn’t working – but we’ve been through the centre of the earth a lot of times so it didn’t really matter.

I have been to this museum a lot since our children were small and I have to say that i now enjoy the actual building as much, if not more than the animals.

So enjoy a tour of this building – different styles – different dates of building. The art deco of the 1932ish (couldn’t find an exact date) extension is looking tired and in need of some dusting (the exhibits in that room are filthy!) but it is still all art deco – you just need to take your eyes off the animals for a moment and look at the staircases.

The almost brand new Cocoon building is stunning. Just beside it is a cafe where you can buy a tea, a latte and two cokes for nearly £10. The museum is free although you are asked for a donation. I chose to buy overpriced beverages instead. 2015-04-15 11.48.23

2015-04-15 12.08.28 2015-04-15 11.35.22 2015-04-15 11.35.262015-04-15 12.08.43 2015-04-15 12.08.46 2015-04-15 11.21.31 2015-04-15 12.21.13 2015-04-15 12.21.34 2015-04-15 12.21.40 2015-04-15 12.52.11 2015-04-15 12.52.55 2015-04-15 12.53.57 2015-04-15 12.54.17 2015-04-15 12.54.34 2015-04-15 12.54.46 2015-04-15 12.54.51 2015-04-15 12.55.09 2015-04-15 12.55.19 2015-04-15 12.55.48 2015-04-15 12.55.57 2015-04-15 12.56.07 2015-04-15 12.57.32 2015-04-15 12.57.36 2015-04-15 12.57.46 2015-04-15 12.57.53 2015-04-15 12.58.32 2015-04-15 13.13.49 2015-04-15 13.14.13 2015-04-15 13.14.16 2015-04-15 13.15.09 2015-04-15 13.15.15 2015-04-15 13.15.19 2015-04-15 13.15.24 2015-04-15 13.15.29 2015-04-15 13.16.12 2015-04-15 13.16.23 2015-04-15 13.18.22 2015-04-15 13.18.27