My little black book



Addresses of handsome suitors? Well sort of. Handsome suitors for the new garden! This is my garden ideas/dreams book.

We had our last garden for almost twenty years and there are lots of photos of it scattered around this blog. But it belongs to someone else now.

We will have a new garden. I am so excited about that. When we viewed houses we had to concentrate on the location, interior and sort of hold back from just falling for something with outside space. In one way this was difficult. In a another the decision to refuse anything that was all decking, all concrete and no privacy or potential made some choices easy to make.

Some things from my old garden have come along in pots. I will never grow an American pillar rose again as I learnt the hard way that mildew is a fighter I don’t wish to do battle with.

I am looking forward to this new garden telling me what it needs, what works, what will happily grow. Gardens have a way of letting you know how they want to go. No plans to impose something in the first few weeks by spending a fortune on fully grown plants. This new garden will never be ‘done’. It will always be changing, growing, developing and as we nurture it, it will nurture us in return.

But while I wait I thought I had to do something to channel my excitement – and so the black book. Filling up with ideas. Dreams.



SAM_1366 SAM_1365 SAM_1364 SAM_1363 SAM_1362




SAM_1347 SAM_1348 SAM_1349 SAM_1350

When I see a rainbow it always lifts my spirits – even when I have to stand in the pouring rain to get a photo. They are a kind of magic.

We have a few more days before the teenagers have a week off school. They are tired. Tests and more tests have been the theme of the last couple of weeks. Teenage son has run four cross country races doing well in all of them. He was one of those eighteen month old babies who never attempted to toddle. All the baby books said he should have been on his feet but he was in no hurry at all. I was worried. It always makes me smile when I remember that now. He was placed seventh in his last race – about 45plus youngsters took part.

Our rented home continues to be a fab place to live. Two minutes to the tube. So convenient for everything.

We have found a new permanent home and are going through the process of buying. No hurry. But so want it all to go smoothly (who doesn’t?). I am making plans for having a new garden. It is already very lovely and fairly large – but there are so many plans buzzing around in my head. It’s a strange time – don’t want to get too excited just in case – but every now and then just can’t help but look forward.

Thank you for the likes and comments on the last post – big thank you.


Sort it..

By all means skip reading this post – it is a little on the miserable side. Just a few thoughts I need to sort.

On 29 October my hubby will be 50. This has been a bother to me. Why? Well my dad died at 51. Now I know it’s a year off but it’s a decade that spelled sadness for me as a child. I am not fond of it.

How to explain? I don’t know that I really can. These memories come and creep up and catch you out. Thoughts nag away.

Now I know they are two different people. I know that my hubby is healthy and that my father died from Marfan’s Syndrome back in 1975 when there was very little that could be done. (Loads can be done now). But still I need to put this down here and then put it behind me.

I need to be grateful I have this lovely man in my life. Count my blessings. Separate these two periods of time. One is in the past. One is now.

I plan to celebrate. I am determined to enjoy 29 October 2014. My dad would have wanted that. I want it too.


baby blanket – done!

SAM_1339 SAM_1338 SAM_1337 SAM_1336 SAM_1335 SAM_1334 SAM_1333 SAM_1332 SAM_1331 SAM_1330

Finished! I loved making this blanket (except for stitching the squares together). The baby I made this for is due in two weeks so it’s even ready on time which has amazed me.

The border was begun using an idea from this blog In the sidebar there is a tutorial on ‘How to make a flat border for a granny square blanket.’ which was superb. The final trim is also from this blog.

I often look at bunnymummy because the photos are often of familiar places in the East Midlands which is still ‘home’ to me in many ways. I would love to leave a comment thanking Jaquie but blogger won’t let me comment using wordpress – just tells me my URL is invalid! Oh well.


2014-09-12 13.41.10

Summer on the phone

2014-09-12 13.36.47 2014-09-12 13.37.20 2014-09-12 13.38.20 2014-09-12 13.38.29 2014-09-12 13.38.39 2014-09-12 13.38.50


Kensington Gardens – Italianate garden and lunch outside St Paul’s





2014-09-12 13.39.44 2014-09-12 13.40.40 2014-09-12 13.41.10 2014-09-12 14.29.42

My phone memory was full so I have finally got around to posting some of the photos taken over the summer.

At London Zoo

2014-08-27 13.22.42 2014-08-27 13.22.54 2014-08-27 13.23.07 2014-08-27 13.23.13 2014-08-27 13.23.30 2014-08-27 13.23.43 2014-08-27 13.26.17 2014-08-27 13.43.15 2014-08-27 13.45.18 2014-08-27 13.45.58 2014-08-27 13.47.53 2014-08-27 13.48.58 2014-08-27 13.50.02 2014-08-27 13.50.06 2014-08-27 13.50.14 2014-08-27 13.50.29 2014-08-27 13.51.56 2014-08-27 13.52.23 2014-08-27 13.52.59 2014-08-27 13.53.05 2014-08-27 13.53.41 2014-08-27 13.53.51 2014-08-27 13.54.05 2014-08-27 13.54.34 2014-08-27 13.54.41 2014-08-27 13.54.46 2014-08-27 13.55.10 2014-08-27 13.55.15 2014-08-27 13.55.19 2014-08-27 13.55.28 2014-08-27 13.55.54 2014-08-27 13.56.03 2014-08-27 13.56.16 2014-08-27 13.56.45 2014-08-27 13.56.49 2014-08-27 13.57.01 2014-08-27 13.57.08 2014-08-27 13.57.11 2014-08-27 13.57.21 2014-08-27 13.57.43 2014-08-27 13.57.49 2014-08-27 13.57.57 2014-08-27 13.58.00 2014-08-27 13.58.03 2014-08-27 13.58.06 2014-08-27 13.58.08 2014-08-27 13.58.40 2014-08-27 14.00.31 2014-08-27 14.00.34 2014-08-27 14.01.40 2014-08-27 14.01.49 2014-08-27 14.02.18 2014-08-27 14.02.25 2014-08-27 14.02.30 2014-08-27 14.03.56 2014-08-27 14.05.47 2014-08-27 14.08.00 2014-08-27 14.08.10 2014-08-27 14.09.23 2014-08-27 14.09.46 2014-08-27 14.28.12 2014-08-27 14.28.19 2014-08-27 14.29.37 2014-08-27 14.31.09 2014-08-27 14.35.49


The V&A Museum

2014-08-29 11.12.53 2014-09-12 12.35.10 2014-09-12 12.35.16 2014-09-12 12.35.38 2014-09-12 12.36.25 2014-09-12 12.36.42 2014-09-12 12.36.55 2014-09-12 12.37.11 2014-09-12 12.38.17 2014-09-12 12.39.00

2014-09-12 12.40.40 2014-09-12 13.31.09 2014-09-12 13.31.12 2014-09-12 13.31.18

A walk through Kensington Gardens



2014-09-12 13.31.25

2014-09-12 13.31.30


2014-08-19 11.54.27

And several visits to my favourite coffee shop with my teenagers. We don’t have fizzy drinks at home (except for birthdays and Christmas) so a Coke is still a treat.



Pottering about

SAM_1316 SAM_1317 SAM_1318 SAM_1320 SAM_1322

I have been a little under the weather – my colitis decided to flare up – how kind and thoughtful of it! Anyhow I am now medicated and getting better. How fantastic to have a consultant on the other end of the phone who can prescribe exactly what you need.

A week of taking steroids and I am hungry all the time (a side effect) but well enough to go for a wander around our new neighbourhood. We moved house a couple of weeks ago. We are renting at the moment but it feels very much like home. The last time I rented somewhere (apart from living in a room in someones house) was when I was a student. We had a living wall of fungus in the bathroom. I am glad to say that our present home is nothing like that! The teenagers walk to school.

Of course we are looking for something more permanent – and is that a roller coaster of hope and disappointment. But we will get there. In the meantime family life is good.

Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain

SAM_1219 SAM_1218 SAM_1217

Tucked away in Hyde Park is the memorial fountain for Princess Diana. There was such a lot of controversy over this fountain when it was first opened that I always felt a shadow had been cast over it. People fell, the grass was muddy and so on.

But it is such a contemplative place. The water ebbs and flows. In places the water gushes loudly over the granite shutting out all other sound. Then it bends round a shallow curve and is silent. It’s a place to remember Diana and to be contemplative. I’m glad it’s there.

Nearby in Kensington Gardens is the Diana Memorial Playground. Our teenagers are too old for this now but it is a superb playground with a huge Peter Pan Pirate ship. We visited about four/five years ago and had to drag them away.