The Serpentine, Hyde Park

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What a lovely place for a stroll. You can swim in the serpentine (you have to pay and there is a designated area and changing rooms) but I was happy enough on dry land admiring the view and watching the ducks, geese and cormorants. It was too early for any one to be hiring a boat or a pedalo but there were plenty of walkers and a group of boot camp fitness folk being put through an arduous looking run followed by press ups etc. One lady was being shouted at by her personal trainer – it’s meant to be encouraging? I would want to shout back but then probably would be so out of breath I wouldn’t be able to get any words out!



The Victoria and Albert Museum

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert definitely left their mark on London. The Albert Memorial is impressive. You really don’t get a feel for how large it is from photographs. The Albert Hall is a beautiful building surrounded by streets that I wouldn’t mind living in! In Kensington Gardens near Lancaster Gate the Italianate Gardens sparkle. All of these places are due to Albert and Victoria. They are all relatively close to each other and you can walk from one to another in an hour. Just further along from The Albert Hall is the V&A a museum of art and design. (According to it’s website the best in the world – I have no idea if this is true!).

Well on Friday my day took in all of these places. There is a lot to see in the V&A so I had to be a bit choosy. I find that if I look at too much I get a little disorientated and find myself longing for daylight. The cafe was worth a visit although pricey and sadly they can only sell cold croissants. I asked very politely if I could have one warmed up and was told ‘no’. Oh well; the scone with butter and jam was very yummy.

When you arrive via the main entrance you see the Chihuly Chandelier. It is stunning. There is a gallery devoted to glass and although some of the display cabinets look over full there are some colourful pieces that are very impressive.

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The V&A is free, except for special exhibitions.



class photo


I was walking in Hyde Park this morning when I spotted a small group of onlookers and a flash of red on horseback. The Household Cavalry were having their photos taken. Each soldier posed for the camera; I am guessing that the photo will be for family. The horses were more or less on their best behaviour. One of them gave his soldier a hard time but settled down to stand still for the photographer.




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Pot – ering

The garden pots are a motley crew at the moment. Some of the plants are meant to be there, some are cuttings and a few have arrived on their own. This latter group includes Honesty which I love.  One of the cuttings is Jasmine and as the main plant in the garden is in the wrong place it’s good to have a another to put somewhere more suitable. I enjoyed pottering about the garden pots late yesterday finding the self seeding plants and checking on the cuttings. They are most definitely a bit of a mess but they have a future – in the spring I will plant out and sort out. Till then I shall enjoy their untidiness.

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Back to school..

My teenagers go back to school on Wednesday. The weather forecast is predicting a return of summer sunshine and high temperatures. Typical.

Meanwhile I am trying to work out what to do/buy for my husbands birthday in October. He is going to be 50. (I am resisting adding a line of exclamation marks). I have asked him for ideas and so far I have been able to find out that he would like to go out somewhere! If it was my 50 birthday I would have no problem in knowing what I would like to do.

Any suggestions welcome. Whatever we decide it will be all four of us going somewhere to do something.

The school uniform is all ready. The PE kits are found and packed. Blazers have been washed. Homework is done. We are ready! (I think)

Here’s a few pictures from the summer including one of the benches from the book trail. It’s been good. I’m very grateful for that.