Back to school..

My teenagers go back to school on Wednesday. The weather forecast is predicting a return of summer sunshine and high temperatures. Typical.

Meanwhile I am trying to work out what to do/buy for my husbands birthday in October. He is going to be 50. (I am resisting adding a line of exclamation marks). I have asked him for ideas and so far I have been able to find out that he would like to go out somewhere! If it was my 50 birthday I would have no problem in knowing what I would like to do.

Any suggestions welcome. Whatever we decide it will be all four of us going somewhere to do something.

The school uniform is all ready. The PE kits are found and packed. Blazers have been washed. Homework is done. We are ready! (I think)

Here’s a few pictures from the summer including one of the benches from the book trail. It’s been good. I’m very grateful for that.


More Monday memories

After our visit to the Design museum we needed lunch! So we crossed Tower Bridge and went in search of somewhere to eat. There wasn’t much choice (well we only really needed a snack rather that a meal) so we wandered and found ourselves at St Katherines Dock, London’s only marina.

There seems to be something quite fitting about walking around a marina in the pouring rain. I was glad we had found ourselves there. All sorts of boats are moored including the Gloriana from The Queens Jubilee. There is also a Starbucks – the only Starbucks I have ever been inside! The toasted cheese sandwiches and hot tea were exactly what we needed.

SAM_0959 SAM_0958SAM_0944 SAM_0943 SAM_0942 SAM_0941 SAM_0940 SAM_0939

SAM_0946 SAM_0945

SAM_0937 SAM_0936 SAM_0935 SAM_0934 SAM_0933 SAM_0932

Design Museum – London


Monday was a bank holiday so it rained – a lot. We decided on a visit to the Design Museum (mainly because our Tesco Tokens could get us in for free). We took the tube to Tower Hill and walked across Tower Bridge and were well and truly soaked by the time we found the museum (the signage does seem to take you there via streets that really you don’t need to walk down – we found a much quicker route back)

Anyway we got there eventually and had a wander around. There are three exhibitions. The first was about an American architect – Louis Kahn. I enjoyed looking at the plans and scale models of his work. There was an interesting time lapse film showing the construction of Four Freedoms Park in New York.

Then there was an exhibition about the Design of the Year. Now this was a bit more family friendly with a whole variety of things to look at, admire and wonder at. One of them was a computer game that outlives you. You can’t finish the game in your lifetime but have to nominate someone to take over once you are no more (cheerful!). There were two cars, clothes, a new ‘lego like’ brick that was a bottle top. My favourite item was a wheel chair – this really would make a difference to people lives.

The final exhibition was about time pieces – I think. It wasn’t so much my cup of tea and I was still feeling the effects of being soaked. So we had a quick look and then went to the cafe. Sandwiches were £6. Jacket potatoes almost as much. We decided against it and went in search of somewhere a little less likely to break the bank.

Our overall verdict – the ticket prices are a lot for the time you spend. There isn’t a huge amount to see. The tesco tokens made a huge difference; without them I would have been very disappointed.



SAM_0862 SAM_0863 SAM_0864 SAM_0865 SAM_0866 SAM_0867 SAM_0868


Design of the Year – what would you choose?



SAM_0869 SAM_0870 SAM_0871 SAM_0872 SAM_0873 SAM_0874 SAM_0875 SAM_0876 SAM_0877 SAM_0878 SAM_0879 SAM_0880 SAM_0881 SAM_0882 SAM_0883 SAM_0885 SAM_0886 SAM_0887 SAM_0890

Silicon piano



SAM_0891 SAM_0892

Bottle top play bricks – no need to throw them away, just play.



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baby blanket

A friend is expecting her first baby in October so I am making a granny square blanket for the new arrival. I am still fairly new to crochet so I was wondering what you thought? Are the squares ok? The basic idea for the colours is a sunburst – bright colours at the centre and then the blues/purples out at the edge. All the squares will be finishes with a round in navy blue. I don’t know if they are expecting a boy or a girl but I think some blue is fine either way!

SAM_0795 SAM_0796 SAM_0798


Constructive comments most welcome!

The basic pattern is

Chain 5 -join

then 16 triples in next ring

then 16 triples in next ring – spaced by one single crochet each time

then –  well i am getting lost now myself … ! If you know crochet you can see for yourself what’s been happening from the pictures I’m sure.

if you don’t know crochet then don’t follow the garbled pattern above!!